Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Road Taken

The approaching long August days of summer bring with them bittersweet thoughts. As I prepare to leave Tanzania, a place of warmth and a love for life, while anticipating going home to my family, I am filled with "Karibu" toward the people here who have allowed me to experience a life like no other.  I have come to assume them, making their existence a part of my own. I have spent countless hours in the cool waters of an ancient lake. I have climbed mountains that watch over this lake. I have sat quietly with chimpanzees who share much more with us than just a place on this planet. I have spoken with people far more committed than I am to changing this world for the better. It is all humbling. As time goes on, I will find it hard to remember the details of day-to-day life here, but I will move through my life differently because of this time spent. I will unlikely see the face of Africa again, but the African sunsets on my face will warm me forever. 

photo: E. Gaines


  1. This is indeed a very moving and beautiful message to us! Asante and Karibu tena all at once! May you keep the memories fresh and alive always and, who knows, may you might come back sooner than you expect!