Sunday, July 3, 2011


How does it feel and smell? I am immediately aware of the bold and colorful dress of the women- in almost purposeful-resistance to the earthy textures of the land. Straight and dark against the red road. The food is equally rich and strong. You know when you've eaten, and a little goes a long way. Fruit is tangible and is never to be passed over for its odor hangs in the air with a thick sweetness that sticks like wet sugar. When biting into the flesh of a pineapple, you can sense it still bleeding with life - unlike the waxy colorless fruit of home. Equally real, is the smell of sweat that stings the air, especially in closed-in areas. A temple of heat and haze pins you down during mid-day, but the evening brings spicy undertones that strangely perfumes the palate. It makes you draw into your own. It makes you look beyond the picture. No longer are you a disconnected, fixed "thing" in a strange land. I know this much.

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