Monday, September 5, 2011

Raison d'etre? - The reason for being?

The crew is back home. Boats are dismantled, dive gear washed, probes calibrated, and data entered. Clothes packed (or donated), labs locked and good-byes exchanged. The work has completed for this season, but the work is not completed.  It is time for sore bodies to rest, indulge in soft mattresses, and cold beverages.  We will easily put the lost pounds back on our sapped frames.  Interestingly, we will miss sand in our dive booties and a "proper" cup of tea. Hard to believe, but we will.

We have learned much and have been reminded how much we have to learn. The first steps toward stewardship of our planet are not monumental ones. They are subtle and fleeting. The awareness of a brightly colored bird rarely seen. The appreciation of a stiff breeze moments before the noticeable infrequent  rain storm. The twist in your stomach when you realize your childrens' experiences will be different than your own - and you hope they are as good. It is no small wonder we are mis-stepping our handling of that global stewardship.

In Dr. Goodall's words, "if we are the most intellectual creature that has every walked on this planet, how come we are destroying that planet?"

Yes, the work has completed for this season, but the work is not completed.

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