Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Road Not Taken

Train crew arrives! Because taking pictures around government buildings, train stations and the like is forbidden without written permission it was not possible to get images of the arrival of Elliot, Ben and Ryan on the train. All the research gear is now here and the day was spent culling through it and preparing in lab. Some early morning photos of the lake and our daily trek into town to buy supplies and eat.
Market - our lunch each day on the boat
Look at the bright green crop in the distance
Awaiting the train at the station

Putting the two avons together
Green Palm
Our beach where we stay
View from my window
Maji Makubwa means Big Water. This is George's boat. George is our dive guide and all around hired help.

View from our beach
View from our beach
View from our beach. There is a cave at the bottom of that rock point. A must dive spot!
View from out beach
Our beach
Kigoma street
Kigoma street
Big Water's anchor lines
Puppy lives nearby and greets us on the beach each day
Walk to town
Walk to town

Again...long road to Kigoma, Glad I didn't take the bus!

Our puppy

Train station


  1. So it sounds like the eating is coming along, but what about the lake. Have you got out on the lake yet?

  2. Great photos, gives us a sense of the town and the beach. What does the hotel look like from the outside? Is there a school in Kigoma?