Friday, July 1, 2011

Blistering Beautiful and Staggeringly Depressing

Been in the water diving the past two days. Yesterday did a 40 foot dive and saw very few fishes. The shore drops off immediately to a vertigo-embedding abyss. Then did a 15 foot dive along rock cliff and saw an insane number of cichlids. Today more diving and we began to practice sampling protocol for primary production measurements.

 Our breakfast hut
 Where the food is cooked
 Renalda enjoying her morning chi
 Ryan, Ben and Ellen awaiting chipati
 Young boy watching the cooking
 Soupa - quite good minus the chicken neck
 Amazing papaya tree outside the lab
 The soccer field across the street from the lab
 Guards watching prisoners who are cutting roadside grass. The prison is next to the lab
 A daily chore by the shore

 Near our boat launch
 Kingfisher in far right of tree
 Jacobson's Beach - one of our sampling dive sites

 George our dive guide
 Mama Yvonne (Dr. Vadeboncoeur)
 Nondwa Point
 On route to one of our dive sites
 One route to dive site
 One route to our dive site

 On route to dive site
 Approaching Jacobson's Beach

 Renalda (graduate student) and Elliot (media production specialist)

 Aqua Lodge - where we stay
 High Tech Restaurant on the hill over looking LT

 Coming down off the hill toward the main road

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  1. Nice picture again keep them coming...need more pictures of LK... Do that thing when you turn camera around and take a picture uncle sal style...